Resolutions? Or Goals!!

Lose 10 pounds. Pay off debt. Spend more time with my family. Save more for retirement. Exercise five days a week. Are any of these “resolutions” familiar? 80% of people who make New Year’s resolutions will break them. 60% or more don’t even make them because they know they are going to break them. How do we set and achieve real, actionable, trackable “goals”, to keep in front of us every day versus “resolutions” which tend to fade all too quickly? First of all, think about whether you are living the life you want to be living next year (or 10 years from now). Spend a few days on this. Are you happy with your health? Financial fitness? Family relationships? Career advancement? Wher

Karen Marcouiller

Personal Trainer and Health Coach

National Sports and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

American Council on Exercise (ACE)

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