Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

Over the course of my 20+ years as a personal trainer, I’ve worked with dozens, if not hundreds, of clients. Most of them have been successful in meeting their goals and improving their health. Of course, everyone comes to me with a different history and a different mindset. However, I have noticed a few commonalities among clients who have made health and fitness a lifestyle. Here are a few of them: · They’re consistent with their exercise and healthy food choices. This doesn’t mean they never fall off the exercise wagon temporarily – when they’re sick, on vacation, etc. – but they always get back on before too long. · They have a plan for exercising and eating on the fly. When they kn

What is Metabolism and Why is Mine So Slow?!

Most of us know the faster metabolism is, the easier it is to lose weight. We also know that metabolism slows as we age. (Most of us have first-hand experience with that phenomenon!) But what exactly is metabolism and how is it measured? Metabolism is the rate at which we burn calories. So our resting metabolic rate (RMR) is how many calories we burn at rest, through respiration, brain and heart function and the other work our body has to do just to stay alive. It’s dependent on age, weight, and height. There are many formulas to estimate our RMR. I like to use the Mifflin-St Jeor Equation, which follows: Male: (10 x weight) + (6.25 x height) – (5 x age) + 5 Female: (10 x weight) + (6.2

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