Portion Distortion

My clients often tell me that they are eating all the right foods and exercising regularly, yet they’re still not losing weight. It’s so frustrating. (I know! Most of us have been there!) The first question I ask is about portion sizes. Eating too much of a good thing can still cause weight gain! Over the years, “normal” portion sizes have multiplied. The portion sizes many of us are eating are just too big. Our body adjusts to ingesting that much food, so we get hungry when we don’t get it. It sounds discouraging, but you can train your body to be satisfied with less. Just as your body adjusted to larger portion sizes, it will re-adjust to smaller sizes. (It may feel like you’re not gettin

Walk for Health!

With cooler weather on its way (for most of the country) now is a great time to get outside and walk. Walking can be done anywhere, doesn’t require s pecial equipment (besides good fitting shoes) and has oodles of benefits! Top benefits include: Calorie burn - Depending on your weight, age, and walking pace, you will burn approximately 150 calories during a half hour walk. Relaxation and energy boost – walking when you’re tired can be more effective at energy boosting than drinking a cup of coffee. It increases the oxygen flow through our bodies and increases energy boosting hormones. Walking is also great for stress, anxiety and depression relief. Muscle toning – walking will strengthen and

Strength Training 101

Have you ever thought about adding strength training to your exercise routine or simply starting an exercise routine with weights? Many women that I work with and talk to have but are intimidated by what they think they know about weight training – that they’ll “bulk up”, that weight training is only for younger people, or it’s only for people interested in large muscles. None of these widely held beliefs are true! Strength (or weight) training has many health benefits, particularly for those 50 and over, in addition to muscle toning. Strength training helps with weight control. Simply put, muscle burns more calories than fat, even at rest. Strength training helps build muscle. Don’t worr

Karen Marcouiller

Personal Trainer and Health Coach

National Sports and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

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