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Youth Fitness Training


Exercise has been proven to help kids build confidence and self-esteem; maintain a healthy body weight; instill lifelong exercise habits; build and maintain strong, healthy muscles, bones and joints; improve the quality and quantity of their sleep; enhance school attendance and performance; reduce anxiety and depression and improve mood;  and improve motor coordination and skills.  Vortex is designed to help your child achieve all of these benefits and have a good time while doing so!


Vortex is a fun filled 50 minutes of exercise and hard work! We have a great time strength training, building cardiovascular stamina, performing quickness drills, and stretching. Vortex is designed for those new to exercise, as well as the young athlete and provides a challenging workout in a developmentally appropriate manner.  


A typical session includes rotating through strength training, agility and cardio stations with short rest/stretching periods between stations.  All training is done with the goal of enjoyment and engagement and in an age and developmentally appropriate style.  The aim is to give your child a good workout, improve their endurance, strength, agility, and flexibility and to have fun while doing so.  We also discuss healthy food choices to make our bodies strong and give us energy.


Contact me for more info or to register!




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