Karen Marcouiller

Personal Trainer and Health Coach

National Sports and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

American Council on Exercise (ACE)

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Congratulations for taking the first step towards fitness and better health by looking for a personal trainer!  I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity to have your time for two minutes to tell you about myself.


When I started running and lifting weights in my 20s, I knew I had found my passion.  After earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration and holding jobs in both sales and marketing, I discovered my talents for helping others improve their lives by becoming healthier, stronger and more confident.  I have now been training for over twenty years and LOVE what I do.


I am certified as a personal trainer by two nationally recognized organizations, the American Council on Exercise, (ACE) and the National Sports and Conditioning Association, (NSCA).  I have wide experience working with clients of all ages, fitness levels and limitations, and with a wide variety of goals, from triathlons to maintaining quality of life with aging.  I have worked with clients all along the spectrum of life - from pre-teens to pregnancy and post partum clients to helping those with osteoporosis and maintaining muscle mass and function as they age. Along the way I have developed a specialty in working with older clients and others with osteoporosis/osteopenia, Parkinson's, and other diseases associated with aging.


I also believe behavior modification and accountability to one’s goals are the keys to lifestyle change.  I have heard from many clients that working with me to reach their goals has changed their lives.  It is this feedback that fuels my passion to continue to help others succeed both physically and emotionally.

I believe in a “team” philosophy.  When you work with me, we are a team and there is no judgment.  We discuss and set goals and I work right alongside you to achieve those goals.  We are in this together!


In my free time I like to read, run, downhill and cross country ski, travel, cook, enjoy a glass of wine and spend time with my three teenage children.


Whether you’re new to exercise or training for an athletic event, I have helped others like you reach their goals and potential.  I will provide as much “push” as you need to ensure you work to your maximum during your workouts. I would love the opportunity to meet you and work with you on your journey to fitness, strength and better health!