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Personal Training

In person or face to face online.


Support and a proven system to develop fitness, strength, endurance and ease of movement at any age. Consistent, non-judgmental support; instruction in proper exercise form; accountability; motivation; and a program designed for you, based on your goals, exercise and medical history.  


One hour sessions are $70-$85

Health Coaching
In person or online sessions address mindset and health habits to live a full, active life.

Health coaching will help you identify your goals and determine your internal strengths and obstacles to make and sustain change. I don’t tell you what to do, but rather guide and motivate you to establish your own path to achieve long term health and wellness changes.

We develop a partnership for structure, expertise, inspiration, and accountability, which will help you learn, grow and develop healthy habits.  I will be your ally as you strive for physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. 


One hour sessions are $70 -$85

Stretch Sessions
In person or online sessions to alleviate pain and increase mobility.
Most of us struggle with flexibility and range of motion. Muscle and joint tightness are due to a variety of factors such as exercise, no exercise, age, injuries (past and present), and genetics, among other things.
Stretching helps provide pain-free motion, better posture, reduced risk for injury both during exercise and day to day activities, increased muscle elasticity and increased blood circulation.
30 and 60 minute stretch sessions are $40-$75
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