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The Ultimate Guide to Stronger Bones and Living a Full and Active Life with this Silent Disease

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Hi, I'm Karen. During my over 25 years in the fitness and health coaching field, I've learned people are interested in their health - they just don't know how to sort through all the information.


When I found out I had osteopenia, I went to work finding out everything I could about osteopenia and osteoporosis. After years of following the research, and also working and helping clients with osteoporosis, I want to share what I know with you.

  • No more wondering if what you're doing to help your bones is enough.

  • No more worrying that you'll hurt yourself by trying to help yourself.

  • No more feeling helpless against this silent disease. 

  • No more trying to make sense of conflicting information.


Using my experience and knowledge of health, fitness, and osteoporosis, I've sifted through all the information and compiled it into one, easy to understand book. All those answers and more are in this 47 page, downloadable PDF, ebook.

In this book, you will learn:

  • What is osteoporosis exactly?

  • Risk factors - both controllable and uncontrollable

  • Social and emotional aspects of osteoporosis

  • Nutrition for osteoporosis - (and it's much more than just calcium and vitamin D)

  • Exercises for osteoporosis - what types of exercises should you and shouldn't you be doing? Plus, I give you actual exercises (with pictures!) to improve your balance, posture, strength, bone mass, and flexibility.

  • Medications for osteoporosis - what are the different types of medicine and how do they exactly work to improve bone mass?

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This book will benefit everyone who has osteoporosis/osteopenia or is concerned they may develop it. Learn how to build strong bones and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. 

This book is available now for only $9.97. Click the button below to get your copy today.

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