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Tired? Overweight? Which came first?

We’ve always known being overweight makes you more tired. It always made sense that it was from carrying excess weight around with you all day.

Now, researchers are saying obesity changes the chemistry in the brain to inhibit our desire to move. According to the research, it could mean that inactivity doesn’t cause obesity, but is a chemical consequence of excess weight.

Interesting. I don’t doubt the research. But I think everyone knows that to maintain a healthy weight we need to balance our calories out (activity) with our calories in. It sounds like a slippery slope. Once you start to gain weight, you lose the desire to move (due to physical and brain chemistry reasons), which leads to obesity.

It sounds to me the best way to avoid this slide is to stay active to avoid or lose excess weight. It’s no secret that once you gain and gain, it gets harder to lose – both physically and emotionally.

To read the entire article, click here.

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