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Stretch for Success!

As a personal trainer, I advocate and strongly believe in, exercise for everyone. I am aware, however, that some people hate it and just won’t do it! I may never convince some people to go for a walk or lift weights, but I hope I can get most people onboard with stretching. It requires little energy and you don’t get sweaty, but the benefits of stretching are substantial. Here are some of the most important:

· Stretching increases our range of motion which reduces our risk for injury in both exercise and everyday activities.

· Increased range of motion provides pain free motion, helps our joints move more fluidly and can stimulate production of our joints’ natural lubricants.

· Flexibility encourages muscular balance and improved posture. In fact, targeted stretching is a great way to correct posture imbalances. (Exercise helps, too!) Feel taller, stand straighter and prevent the hunched shoulder look we often get with aging.

· Stretching increases elasticity in our muscles, joints, connective tissue and blood vessels by increasing the blood circulation throughout our body.

· Stretching has a calming effect. As the muscles contract and lengthen the physical body relaxes, which translates to a more relaxed emotional state.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching is a more advance form of flexibility training, originally developed as a form of rehabilitation, which involves stretching and 20-30 second targeted muscle contractions to improve muscle strength and achieve greater flexibility than traditional stretching techniques.

I offer one hour and half hour PNF stretching sessions for those; wishing to improve their posture or balance;

reduce or eliminate aches and pains due to muscle imbalances and tightness; improve freedom of movement and body mobility; looking for a little calming Zen time; or wanting to improve body awareness and confidence.

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