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Tabata Training

Many of us know the term HIIT, or high intensity interval training. HIIT is a great workout to increase our cardio capacity and to burn body fat, even after the exercise session is over. Less familiar is Tabata training which was developed in Japan to train Olympic speed skaters. Tabata is one of the few types of exercise that improve the cardiovascular system and strengthen muscles simultaneously.

So, what is Tabata? It is a short duration, high intensity program which consists of 20 seconds of all out exercise, 10 seconds of rest, another 20 seconds of i

ntense effort, and so forth for a total of four minutes per exercise. Five exercises are performed at each session for a total of 20 minutes. With a warmup and cooldown, the entire workout takes only 30 minutes, but has more benefit than most workouts of twice that length.

Don’t be scared off because you think you can’t handle it! Tabata is appropriate for any fitness level.

I’m offering half hour group Tabata sessions in the mornings and over the lunch hour. Contact me for more information!

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