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Health and Exercise Lessons Learned from a Pandemic

If there’s one thing this pandemic is teaching us it’s about what really matters.

Family. Friends. Connection. And of course, health.

It’s a challenging experience. Financially, for many. But also emotionally.

Anxiety, loneliness, and that out of control feeling.

What I’ve learned is that sometimes, when thing are entirely out of our control, the best thing to do is accept the situation and figure out how to come out better on the other side.

Because even though we can’t control pandemics and quarantines and governments, we can control our response and reaction to everything.

And with that, I wanted to share a few important lessons I’ve taken from this new experience we’re having…

1. Your health is your greatest asset. Because, without health, you can’t truly experience life. It’s your responsibility to yourself and to those who care about you to make this a top priority.

2. You get to control your response to the circumstances. Whether you choose to make the most of the situation is entirely up to you. We can’t control external conditions, but our reaction to it can be controlled.

3. Create space for growth. We are motivated and exhilarated by growth. Exercising, reading, listening to podcasts, or addressing what motivates you (and stops you), are all great ways to come out of this better.

4. Give more. This could be money, time, or an ear of support. There’s always someone with less who needs your help.

5. Motivation is up to you. Many people are struggling with motivation around exercise, getting stuff done around the house, eating well, etc. Waiting for motivation could mean waiting a long time. Motivation comes from taking action that gets you a result. Nothing starts with motivation itself.

I’ve built my business around these principles.

Investing in your health with exercise and healthy eating is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It’s never too late, but the sooner we begin the better off we’ll be. I frequently use the car analogy. We get our oil changed. We rotate our tires. We get new brakes. All in the interest of extending the life (and health, if you will) of our car.

So why wouldn’t we give our bodies the same TLC we give our cars!?!

And lastly, the best advice I can give about motivation – don’t overthink it. Don’t ask yourself if you feel like going for a walk, run, or to strength train. The answer is likely to be no. Just begin without giving it any thought. Just like you do when you brush your teeth. (You probably don’t agonize over whether you really feel like brushing your teeth. And go back and forth about how you know you should, you’d feel better, but you’d rather do something else…😉)

I hope these lessons inspire or empower you to make the most of this period in time.

I’d love to help you address your motivation and/or exercise.

What are you struggling with during quarantine?

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