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Why People Quit Too Soon

Are you struggling to stick with your exercise plan?

In my over 25 years of helping people lose weight, I’ve noticed two themes with people who have had this same struggle.

The first is not having a plan. A plan must include a strong foundation of knowing what to eat, learning an effective exercise program, and also must have some form of accountability. In my experience, very few people are able to maintain their plan on their own for long, with no one to help them stay accountable.

It’s not unusual to start out all fired up about starting an exercise plan or a healthy eating plan. Think of all the new gym memberships after the first of the year. I’ve seen it year after year. But after a few weeks (or less) boredom sets in. Momentum is lost. Maybe an injury occurs from overdoing it or doing incorrectly.

Results are not instantaneous so motivation lags.

This is where having a plan in place and a coach or other accountability partner helps. Knowing that results don’t happen overnight (or in a few weeks) and being supported along the way leads to long term commitment and long-term results.

The second theme is not having the right mentality about a healthy lifestyle.

Many (most?) people start an exercise or healthy eating plan with the goal of losing weight. But, as I mentioned earlier, when that weight loss doesn’t come fast enough, they quit altogether. They’re disappointed. They don’t notice that they’ve gotten stronger, they have more energy and they sleep better. It’s not the result that’s the problem, it’s the expectation.

Weight loss is a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss comes along with feeling more confident, feeling stronger, feeling fewer aches and pains, more energy, and a desire to be more active.

I’ve worked with so many clients who were thrilled with how they felt before they lost any weight. Then the weight loss followed.

Having patience, and the right mindset is what it takes for long term success.

If you don’t see immediate results on the scale, be patient. Notice how you feel and the other positive changes.

Be consistent. Slow and steady wins the race. ;)

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