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What People Are Saying

I have been working with Karen for almost a decade. I needed to add weight training to my workout regimen after a diagnosis of osteoporosis. I knew I would not have the self-discipline to do this without a trainer. That is when I found Karen. She has been knowledgeable, professional and most enjoyable to work with. Also, my osteoporosis has been downgraded and I have excellent muscle tone. I would highly recommend Karen for your personal training needs.

Diane C.

When I started working with Karen, I was so overweight I was embarrassed to even let her know how out of shape I was, much less go to a gym.  But immediately, Karen reassured and supported me.  She worked right alongside me, encouraging me and championing my successes.  I have lost 48 pounds and can walk further and faster than I have in years.  I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m confident Karen will get me there!

Kathy C.

When I hit my 50s it became very obvious that my days of eating anything I wanted were long gone.  Sitting at a desk most of the day and not working out led to too much weight gain.  My goals were to increase my muscle mass and lose some fat.  And that’s exactly what happened.  I work with Karen two to three times a week and the results have been great.  I’ve put on a lot of muscle and considerably reduced the size of my gut and it’s easier to keep up with my kids.  I only wish I would have started with Karen earlier.

Scott H.

I was working with Karen when I found out I have Parkinson's disease. My doctor told me exercise was vital to stop the progression. It's now been four years and my doctor tells me I'm doing (and I feel) great. Karen was so knowledgeable about what we should do. I know I would never be as consistent as I am without her. I credit her with how good I feel!

Tom J.

I started worked with Karen when I found out I was pregnant with my second child.  I still hadn’t lost the weight from my first baby and didn’t want my weight gain to get out of control.  It was the best decision!  Karen was gentle but firm with me.  She knew what I was capable of, even if I didn’t.  I felt so strong and fit throughout my pregnancy, the delivery was easier and I didn’t have so far to go once I was cleared to work out post-partum.  I’ve continued to work with Karen for many years.  I was back in shape far quicker than I would have been without her.  With her skills and guidance, I’ve moved on to competing in half-marathons! 

Amy W.

My teenage daughter started working with Karen about 3 years ago.  I was interested in increasing my daughter’s activity level and my daughter wanted to improve her sports performance.  Since then, she has dramatically improved her one mile run time, continued to make higher performance level teams, and improved her self-esteem.  She looks forward to seeing Karen and is full of energy and joy afterwards.  I’m so grateful we found Karen and I’ve recommended her to numerous other moms!

Kristin T.

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